Pepsi Paloma was an underaged Filipino-American actress who successfully made a name for herself during the early 80’s making sexy movies. She was one of the three “softdrink beauties” (the others were Coca Nicolas and Sarsi Emmanuelle) who simultaneously hit the big screen. Her list of films include:

- Room 69 (1985)
- Virgin Forest (1985)
- Matukso kaya ang angel (1984)
- Virgin People (1984)
- Naked Island (Butil-Ulan) (1984) …. Gunding
- Snake Sisters (1984)

In 1982, she lodged a rape case against “Eat Bulaga!” hosts Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto, and Richie D’Horsie (also known as Richie Reyes). Paloma’s lawyer in the rape case was a much younger Rene Cayetano who would later be elected as a Philippine senator. The rape case was settled out of court. Afterwards, she stated that she was coerced to sign an affidavit of desistance by Tito Sotto (another “Eat Bulaga!” co-host and a future Philippine senator) to drop the case which had a punishment of death. De Leon, Vic Sotto and D’Horsie admitted guilt and made a public apology to Paloma.

In 1985, still burdened by her past, Pepsi Paloma hanged herself to death.

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Where are they now? - Joey de Leon still hosting and writing respectable travel articles, Richie Reyes (Richie D’ Horsie) back doing bit roles, recently released from jail for a drug charge, (Senator) Atty. Rene Cayetano passed away and has two children in the Senate continuing his work, Vic Sotto is still making movies with leading ladies 20-25 years his junior - still dating co-host Pia Guanio, Tito Sotto is once again re-elected, now back in the Senate, 2010.   Pepsi Paloma is still dead and rarely remembered.    

Note: These were their ages in 1982, Vic Sotto, b. 1954, Joey b. 1946, Tito  b. 1948 (accdg to Wikipedia) So that pegs them at 28, 36, and 34 respectively.   Pepsi Paloma:  born Delia Smith, 1966. Joined the movies at 14 in 1980.  She was around 16 years old during the rape trial (1982) then hanged herself at 19. (1985)

What an analogy of Philippine society.
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